About Us

Our mission is to foster and encourage cultural, civic, and political participation among young adults in the Upper Valley.

Who We Are:

Upper Valley Young Liberals is the founding chapter of Young Liberals Co., a 501(c)(4) nonprofit registered in the state of Vermont. We began in February 2016, following the closure of the Lebanon, NH Bernie Sanders campaign office, when many of the young people who had been volunteering realized their shared desire to remain involved in politics and organizing from the national level down to the local.

Our goals vary, but they all rely on some core principles: we want to keep young people engaged in politics and their communities; we want to find and provide spaces in which people of all ages can connect and communicate, building networks and platforms from which to present our shared values; we want to remind our peers that we are powerful and that our voices can be heard. We host social events, educational programs, and political campaigns. We connect young people and encourage them to run for office. We run and promote sustainable initiatives. We stay involved in the society around us and we help others to do the same.

What’s In a Name:

We define a ‘liberal’ as one who:

  • Welcomes new ideas and social diversity.
  • Believes in the sanctity of ecosystems and the environment.
  • Believes in our collective responsibility to protect and care for others, especially those who are most vulnerable or unfairly treated.
  • Believes that public officials should be active in supporting social and political progress that is in the best interest of the people as communicated by the people.
  • Challenges outdated power structures through social and political revolution in order to evolve society and improve the quality of life for all people.

We define ‘young’ as under the age of 35; that does not mean we do not welcome liberals of all ages, but only that we wish to focus our efforts on activating and involving young people in our community!

Our Recent Projects:

  • UVYL’s Sustainability Committee organized a Sustainability Conference featuring local individuals and businesses with TED-Talk-style presentations.
  • The UVYL Events Committee plans regular social events for young people to meet and network in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Members of UVYL have, with the support and efforts of the group, run and volunteered for campaigns for local and state offices.
  • UVYL encourages members to plan and join local initiatives, engage in community service projects, and champion the causes they believe in.